This whole 'shooting through walls' must be fixed.

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LoS was a huge deal in the first 2, but this whole get shot while in cover kinda ruins the whole point of the cover system. Would have made more since if it were like V.A.T.S. (Fallout 3) Where what you can see determines accuracy but this is rdiculous.

XCOM 1 - Run in warehouse and surprise alien. What to do? Depending on TUs take a snapshot and find cover behind tall box. No LoS. Wait for best. Hope you don't get flanked.

XCOM new - Same scenario but apparently (going by the animations) hiding behind tall box means peaking around over and over thus alien will shoot through box with perfect headshot. If only boxes could stop bullets... oh wait they in a DOS game.

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I agree. Same thing with my guys. My guys try to overwatch through walls..and sometimes hit >.<. They are super human. I hope they are fixing this in the upcoming patch. Very hard to "trust" cover, when they can blow your face off through a wall. It doesn't happen all the time so it's only an occassional glitch or certain types of materials.
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Man if they were to be able to remove the RNG for aiming and implement the original free firing mechanism this game would be amazing. But this cover + hit/miss is killing me softly. Then shooting ends a turn. Come on people. And for goodness sake will someone please tell me why snipers have this trend of doing less damage (or being less accurate) when and enemy is close? I should not have a 40% chance of hitting a berserker that just attempted to maul my sniper and is now 1 tile away.
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I agree the shooting through wall glitch is annoying as hell. I had a terror mission where all the enemy kept doing was shooting the civis through the wall while I was trying to kill them. Every once in a while this glitch helps you out though, like if you have a sniper (Squad sight) hovering way up in the air on overwatch who shoots through 4 layers of wall to one hit kill something that moved. Diminisher snipers having worse aim and lower damage at close range is for realism, go play any FPS game and try sniping at point blank it is a pain in the ass. You just either need to cover your sniper better or get him a jet pack.