Terror missions..and general HELLPP!!

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any tips for this? ......I hated strategy games until I bought XCOM. I have played it probably 6-8 hours and I am really loving it. I have started over like 4 times completely because countries were leaving the alliance too quick and I realized that early on I must get those satellites and workshops up and not worry so much about weapons early on. This last restart I feel that i have been doing really well. I had about 4-5 officers built up to the 2nd or 3rd level. However, i just went on a UFO mission and got about 3 of them injured. We made it back but they are out for awhile.....and low and behold the very next mission is my first "terror mission"...........I got my ass handed to me multiple times. I have tried running to rescure hostages and then the Chrysalids go and find the others and turn them to zombies. I have tried to hunt down the Chrysalids first and end up getting eat by them and 2-3 of my soldiers dead or zombified. I have tried this mission ( I am guess about 7 times) and get handed everytime. The bad part is due to my injury situation I have to take about 3 Rooks along for the mission. and I don't have a save to go back to (before the previous mission where my bad ass guys were injured).


Any help would be appreciated...

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Several ways you can handle it. "That's XCOM" and perhaps later on the Squaddies will be better able to handle a terror mission.

Usually I set up a defensive situation, do not worry about civilians although rating will be poor better to lose civilians than Squaddies. Don't go on the mission right away and see if the mission will last until your wounded Squaddies are able to -although that is most likely only a day at the most and usually only a few hours before the mission is not able to go on anymore, or go on with the game and accept the loses because the game may be tougher for awhile until the Squaddies rise up in Rank or too many Countries leave XCOM and you lose the game. Play on a lower difficultly until playing the game better or go see the other forum and look around there.

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Know where I can get a really great strategy link or something that tells how to do everything about the game all in one place?
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In case you did not see it:




 and then there is theXCOM Wikipedia somewhere:

(it is listed on some threads in the forum, but I usually don't view it and just play the game, so I will try and find it)


LP'er name: Beaglerush
Link to First Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9zJE9GodMQ
How many Videos in the Series?: 14 (9 series one, 5 series two) new episodes every week or so
Difficulty: Impossible Ironman
Soldier Naming Scheme: Shackers.

Still looking for the Wikipedia type listings.


But just go over to the first link above although it may take a few days to register to log in.

That's it, except playing the game, over, and over, and well, playing the game getting better.


it's a work in progress, including Nexus Mods place where some players are trying to make mods but not really yet as there really are no tools to do that with, but still there are mods done.

That is another link, so just do a Google search for Nexus Mods XCOM should handle it.

I don't play mods and have not really used Second Wave Options in the game so far much either.


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Take it from a player who plays better than most and on I/I:

Terror Mission:



Good Luck!

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Thanks....I easily beat it last night. My biggest problem is that I was not utilizing the effectivness of overwatch and reaction fire. Now......I am having trouble keeping countries...afloat..............stress has never been this much fun!!

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Thanks for all tips in this thread