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I loved playing the original and i am loving this version. I've finished Classic, and Normal/Ironman and now I'm on my who-knows-what-attempt at Classic/Ironman and doing pretty well this time, but I have to say that I'm not a fan of soldier panic at all. I don't think it's fun. On Ironman, if you're not cheating, there are no second chances. You accept that. When things go wrong you think "ok , that wouldn't have happened if I had specced for a scanner" or "should have retreated instead of solely relying on the sniper's 85% chance to hit". But there's when the *&^% hits the fan, which is going to happen however you play due to chance occurrences and RNG, there's already enough tension and pressure without then not only losing a turn but also potentially wiping. Where's the hero mentality? Or couldn't these guys at least have a way of strengthening their will in the Officer School? Permanent loss to will? Why not have permanent injuries as well? You get your Support guy back but he limps at 2/3 of the speed and can't carry a med kit because that slots taken up for his colostomy bag, or your assault guy can't throw grenades more than 3 feet. Or maybe your squad sight/ archangel sniper just isn't available for that mission because he had booked holiday and it was approved comes first. So here's the story behind this rant, but really it's never fun when it happens. It makes me care less about the dudes who are potentially going to let me down, I don't even bother naming them now. It's long and I won't be offended if you don't read it. So month 3 I think, I was scouring literally the whole of a large map very carefully before finding that pretty much ALL the aliens were in the spaceship, in one room. I found this out as I approached the ship. The Outsider popped up (cool! I needed to capture him) and then he kicked off I think at least 2 packs of thin men, 3 mutons, 3 sectoids and they all triggered at once. My heavy doesn't have LOS on the entrance or it would have been fine I guess. So what happens is they've all hunkered and I don't have decent shots on much so I need to get everyone else into a good strategic position and overwatch them because, if I leave, the terrain doesn't leave much cover anyway and my point guy is definitely going to get toasted on his own. Cue a thin man taking one of those insane light-years-away shots that almost annihilate one of the guys (meh, it happens, we know this) but then the shot guy panics! He shoots one of the other guys who panics who shoots a 3rd dude who PANICS AS WELL. Basically this Reservoir Dogs scenario plays out over the next turn with them shooting at each other and either missing or hitting or hunkering. It was all I could do to do damage limitation with my other 3 guys but I'm sure it helped that the aliens were just laughing their asses off instead of wiping us out. I somehow got away with it in the end with 3 dead guys (2 senior) and the rest injured. I mean, it was funny, I can definitely see the funny side in this particular case.. But did it add to the gameplay? I don't think so. I might shout "argh nooooo!!!!" when someone misses a critical shot or grind my teeth when someone get taken out hunkered behind full cover but when the panic things happens it's just "Oh yeah. And there's this as well, maybe it's time for bed". Reduce the panic or give us the means to strengthen their will. You can keep the crazy amount of panic for Impossible or a different gamestyle than "Ironman" maybe called "Chicken Lips"
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I agree with the panic system should toned down, I hate it when soldiers start to panic after 1 shot from the enemy and I myself after playing classic/Ironman mode for a while, found myself stop naming my troops because they continously panic, or die from very lucky behind full cover. Even got the moment when I assaulted the base, I let a trooper get vaporized because his squad mates are all dead and he wasn't going to win against a full health mecha and the rest of the alien defenders. (Beware the mecha it cheats)