No auto save?

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Thats annoying i was several mission in game and now i have to start all the way at the begining again ....

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Yes, but you have to turn them on in the options. It starts turned off by default.
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And when it is on it saves MANY times! I think in each actual mission it will always save the last 3 turns (each it's own save) as you progress through the mission. Then it seems to save those and make more new saves for each mission. I recently went through my files to clear some space and found what seems to be well over a hundred saves, if not more. Plus I think when you are at your base it auto-saves everytime you go to the main control room to look at the halo-globe, plus everytime you advance time by scanning the globe. Seriously, I have NEVER seen a game create so many autosave files; thankfully they are very very small files, measured in kb. I only use 1 file as my purposeful save and I am certain that the the countless others are all auto saves. So it's there, and functioning more than we realize.
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I kind of wish it marked the Autosaves a little more clearly. But I've come to the conclusion that having Auto save on is good, but when you're in an intence mission. I like to make my own save at the begining of it and then save again if I get to a really nice spot where things are going well.