Last day to get XCOM for PC for 30 bucks alongside Bioschock infinite for 30!

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So steam has a damn good deal going on and I just picked it up myself.

I think the sale ends tommorow but if you preorder bioshock infinite on steam for 60 you get a free copy of xcom (and the original bioshock if for some crazy reason you have yet to play it!).

This really means getting both XCOM and Bioshock infinite for 30 bucks a peice which if infiite lives up to half the standard of bioshock is one hell of a good deal!

Just throwing this out there for anyone else you wants to grab a cheap copy of this game.  I just got mine and I have to admit XCOM is even better then I expected it would be.

edit: while I was typing this up the review for bioshock infinite came out and the game looks fantastic according to the review!  woot!

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both games sucks.
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both games sucks.strawhatlupi


So's does yours spellings.