Impossible mode

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Have you guys tried it out yet? !@#$ is fun but damn sure seems really impossible. I tried maybe like 20 times but cant beat mission 1. No matter how you possition your troops they will be shot in the face. The best game I had, I didnt break the fog of war, fought 1 group at a time. If you get more then 1 group its GG.

It seem like only Luck will get you through the amount of times you get lucky is not enough to beat the game. I think the Devs blowing smoke about 2 of them beating it

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I beat impossible about 20 minutes ago. NOT on ironman (because I don't see how its possible when you have the 1/100 chance of a sectopod spawning on your squad - yes, that happened to me). I can tell you that the first mission is the hardest. It does get easier as you get upgrades and rank up. Make sure you rank up a sniper as fast as possible (with squadsight and double tap). If you can, rank up two of them. But if you are determined to beat impossible, know this: Its not impossible. Its hard as ****. Harder than dark souls on newgame+++. But save often and save in multiple slots. My gamertag is BAM21 if anyone wants to look me up to confirm the achievement for impossible.

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I am currently trying to do impossible ironman... On my second try, I got through the first level with zero casualties. The second level (where you have to respond to one of 3 countries calling for help) comes in either Hard or Very Hard. Chances of you beating this mission are incredibly small, even if you opt for the suggested "hard". The third level (shooting down a UFO) is very do-able, no casualties. The next one I think is random. I had to extract a VIP who got one-shotted by a thin man that dropped into the middle of my squad. The next few turns consisted of my squad getting gunned down, trying to run the gauntlet to the extraction zone. I attempted the fourth mission, having 3 officers return from being injured. I ran into a sectoid squad, which called in backup, which the backup squad called backup, and so fourth, until I was cowering on high ground, directly next to the extraction point (I hardly moved from the start). With a sniper, assault, and heavy, I couldn't do anything. I took them out entire groups at a time between rockets and double-grenade throws, there was literally 12 surrounding me as another squad of 3 spawned in the middle of my team. I then shut off the computer and went to bed. Yep. Its pretty impossible. I get the feeling it would ease up IF you can get some high level soldiers. I have made rules for myself, and increase the chances: ALWAYS make your innitial move in blue, and ALWAYS to cover. Unless odds are overwhelmingly in your favor, end your soldiers turn in FULL COVER. USE GRENADES to damage and destroy cover. In some circumstance, you can use them to breach the wall of a building to flank. FLANK and OVERWATCH. If you are in a full cover vs full cover shootout, overwatch your full cover and flank with another. Early-Game-Loadouts- SCOPE on your flankers, GRENADES on your cover units. OVERLOAD lone enemies. 4 soldiers firing at a 25% to hit enemy is a descent engagement, providing you can isolate it. ***I'm posting this in hopes someone else is an overachiever like me, and trying to do this. I'm looking for additional tips and trips regarding the enemy AI, please let me know if you notice anything.
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I Just uploaded a video completing mission 1 impossible. I was cheated big time, but made it through. I will name my 1st 2 troop that leveled up after you guys. Im going to try like hell to keep you

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I'm currently pulling my hair out at this mode! I'm doing impossible (no ironman)! I use multiple saves so that I walk away from every mission a victor & all soldiers alive! Yet regardless if the missions I complete are the only countries in full panic (thus reducing panic) 2-4 countries which weren't on the mission choice list bang up full red panic! Within 2-3 months each attempt the project gets shut down! What did you do to swerve this happening???
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I followed the base build order for my impossible play through in this link -

It isn't possible to get the second month done at the right timing every time because of the randomness of when the abductions actually occur, but when it finally worked out for me I was only able to get 4 satellites in the first month, 3 in the second month (couldn't build the 4th satellite uplink in time because I didn't have enough engineers), lost 1 country in the second month and then covered the rest of the world in the third month.  From that point on you don't ever have to worry about panic again as long as you are succeeding at each mission.

A note about gameplay - consider using the outer limits of the maps to go around and try to attack from the back side of most of the maps, it will help out a lot and usually has far better cover.  Also, google how to utilize the flanking overwatch lock glitch, it helps a ton on impossible.

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Impossible is possible, a small suggestion that has worked for me I usually stay along the border of the map Aliens will track you, whenever possible scale to the roof tops. when getting to your 6th member I use the following 2 heavies,3 snipers, 1 assult all 3 snipers have scopes and the assult also, grenades with heavies go in but being very careful, I havent played Ironman at this time it takes a little longer getting thru the missions but its worth the time to me you see I am retired so I can take the time :)

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This game is hard , but if your willing to abuse save/load or force exit the game on iron man , you can beat it.

Note for iron-man. Force exit will help you beat tactical battles , not the base building/panic level meta game.