I like my rookies

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Am I alone in saying that I like it when rookies start out as rookies and not squadies? I like having my soldiers develop and when they start out as rookies on thier first mission if and when they survive and become a squaddie I feel like they've earnt it, also having all of your new recruits show up as sniper squaddies gets a little annoying


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From a roll playing stand point, definitely. A little hard for me during practical application. Although obviously it was like that the first half of the game. But when you get into really hard, late game missions...it's very hard to bring someone with "no" speciality to a mission and actually score a kill (due to bad accuracy, and other issues). So it depends on personal taste. I like the idea that you presented better, but found it hard to manage that when actually playing late in the game (20-25+ hours).
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since the specialty is randomly assigned it makes no real diffrence to me.

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I've had a frustrating time recently trying to level snipers on Ironman so it's a no from me. Getting a rookie through a mission and finding yet another Heavy is annoying. It's Officer Training School! These muppets shouldn't even be allowed on campus unless they have a major in something!
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maybe they should make you start as "rookies" but level up a faster rate....that way you could hide a few in the pack and level them up quickly.