how to reset save game counter to save 1

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Anyone know how to reset save game counter to save 1. I've tried deleting game from hard drive and reinstalling, but save game will not reset to save game 1.
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I have also tried to do this, also deleted the hdd cache as well as the installed game and all save games but didn't reset, i have now deleted the game, saves and the elite soldier marketplace download and will install them all back on later have to go out right now, will let you know if it works.
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Just so you know it did not work. I don't know what else to try. My only concern is that the game may differ in some way each playthrough, for example it may get harder or you may retrieve less weapon fragments, alien tech, affect achievements etc. If this is not the case then it doesn't bother me so much apart from the fact it looks like in now on my third play through when its actually my first proper play through. On a slight change of topic i have noticed no way to change the nationality of the soldiers, you can edit everything else this seems odd to me or am i missing something?
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If you have any savegames, they'll retain their number, but if you want a fresh start:

1. delete everything in your savegame directory - especially profile.bin

(My Docs\My Games\XCOM)

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Thanks for the answer but i just realised i didn't make it clear in playing it on the xbox 360, sorry folks.
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The game doesn't get harder..I'm on game 45 or so...I reset till I had a base w/ 3 steam vents close by for my classic run.

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I've been having trouble organizing my xcom save games, but to got to somewhat clear and reset my game saving order. save your game and take note of the timestamp i.e date and time.

in your, my documents/my games/xcomenemywithin/xcom/save folder you'll see the profile.bin and save## file will have the same timestamp. delete all other files except these two. Do note the game must not be running to do this.

load the game and you'll only have one save game file. your latest saved game you can proceed as normal and your save game file list will be cleared