Highest ranked x-com team?

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Anyone field(ed?) a squad with all colonels in it? I´ve yet to build up any squad with considerable force in it. Playing on normal only and i currently have made it without a single casualty, bonus. And without any reloads of a save. But if the sh*t hits the fan, and it probably will, i guess i will reload so i eventually can get to the end of the game. But come on, brag here!! :)

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Mine's best are still stuck in Major.... 

But not bad, Sniper, Assault and Heavy classes....

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Almost there - got 2 Heavies, 1 Sniper and 1 Assault at Colonel rank, just need to get my Captains to rank up a couple more times. My Support guys are going a bit slower but I guess that's the downside to being the medic - using a stimpack instead of a rifle stops you getting kills and XP. That and injuries keep knocking my best guys out of the main squad a few days at a time
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My squad and game is going over expactations. One single loss and i´ve done about 14 missions i believe. Two on major, several lieutanants and looking good. I just think i need that carpeous.. (spellcheck) armor on the next missions or someone´s bound to get plugged in the near future.

Game on!

Edit: "get plugged" maybe isn´t the words for it, get shot, killed. Uhm, im swedish.

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I've got about 10 Col.'s But it is because once they get to Maj. or Col. I pull them out of circulation to make sure I have more than enough high ranks for much later in the game when it get really tough. I am trying to bring many more up to Maj, and Col. so I can send them in for psi-Ops testing. So far I have had one Assult trooper with Psi-Ops abilities, with mind control he is a deadly force.

I did learn the hard way though not to invest in just one group of people.You have one bad mission and lose most of them, then you are left with a bunch of no-rank troops to try and carry on. It's best to save your best for big missions, or low level missions (ie Small Scouts or Escort Missions) in which you have a few rookies, a couple mid levels and your one best troop leading the way.

And save your troops for reaching highest rank, then send them in for Psi-Ops testing. They are more likely to have abilities based on thier rank and will, I think. ( I believe this is more likely with the special officers training which increases all units will based on rank)

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Almost there also. Got 3 of them already maxed out ( a heavy, a sniper and an assault) and 3 more just 1 step away.  It's not that hard in normal mode without Ironman.

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I just finished the game with a squad of 6 colonels, some of which had been with me through the entire game, one had around 70 completed missions and 150-ish kills. I had 4 or so captains and majors in reserve for when my peeps got injured. Since I was playing on Ironman, losing a colonel would have been a real **** (I did lose 3 captains and a major though, two of wich where one-shotted at a ridonculous distance).


Even on normal, the game is pretty unforgiving when you make a mistake. My heart was thumping on the last mission as my squad almost wiped in the last room (although it was partly due to a bug). Dual Mind Control saved the day, and not a single soldier actually ended up biting the dirt. I think, that if you fail on the last mission, it's game over. That would've been kind of infuriating.

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Team of 6 colonels , 5 with psi abilities
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I have a team of entirely max ranked soldiers. 3 of them are Psychic (max level). However...I don't take them all with me. I only take a full squad on very hard missions. I generally throw in two lower levels, so I can rank them up. Because of this I have enough max ranked officers to put together two full maxed out squads (helpful when some get injured and I have two missions very close to each other). It works really well...but you are extremely powerful. Literally you can mow through missions with a maxed out set of fighters (properly specced).