Countries panic a lot, but how do I make them shut up?

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Build more satellies? Because I tend to take the missions that have the most panic level attached to it, and it seems to help, but it doesn't help the other five countries. 

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Sattelites can make a country's panic level go from a full bar down to two marks. So, yeah, build more sattelites!

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Place satellites in countries that have high panic - also take missions for those areas. Misisons tend to lower panic for surrounding countries as well. To build more satellites, you'll have to invest in Uplink structures to get more slots.

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Satellites are crucial. Keep them on hand at all times. However, don't set them up as soon as you get them. Countries won't leave the XCOM project until the end of each month. So wait till the very last day to put up satellites in the countries that are about to quit. Not only does this best protect you from losing countries, but it also gives aliens less time to be able to shoot them down.

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Still I don't understand why countries on the brake of panic don't call out for help more than they do? I haven't experienced more than one panicking country out of the three missions that I have to choose between!? So satellites is still the best option!
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It's all about managing the panic levels around the world - each time you get a choice of 3 missions you can only do one - reducing the panic in that nation and continent, but letting the panic rise in the other nations targetted and the continents they are in. If panic rises in twice as many countries as it falls, overall panic has to rise. Satellites are best used towards the end of a month, as the alien attacks will have done their damage and you can assess which of the nations panicing are worth saving. It is not critical to save ever nation, so if a low paying country in a continent with a bonus you aren't fussed about is on the verge of leaving you can probably use that satellite elsewhere to earn more funding and maybe get more eng / sci that you want in a month. The only time I have launched satellites earlier in the month was to secure a continent bonus - in my case halving the cost of building the more advanced aircraft and weapons for it. One other significant difference is the way nations fund the XCOM project. In the original games each nation decided how much to pay towards XCOM based on how well you had supported that particular nation - if you lost the country you lost all their funding. In this XCOM it seems the core XCOM funding is protected, and you can simply increase it with more satellite coverage. If you lose a nation that didn't have a satellite over it then you don't seem to lose a big chunk of funding.
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I've actually managed to turn my tide.....

I lost all of my satelite and had only a small amount of money, but I managed to re-built those satelites (and they do reduce the panic). but I've already lost support for some countries..... (damn you China, I've already sent a satelite....)


Rather than Satelite Uplinks why not use Satelite Nexus, they're more useful as they control 4 satelites instead of the normal 2........... 


Is currently building more satelite, but i need mroe funding for the nexus...... And now trying to reduce panic in Africa by doing terror missions (somehow my techonology got too "advanced" and I have to fight a cyberdisk and 3 chrysallids at the same time.....)