can u sell weapons/etc?

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I know that u can sell alien corpse and it possib;e to sell older/obsolete weapons/armour/equipment? I remember u could back in the other X-COM games from the past, and it greatly helped your funding.

Also, I built the foundry, and did the heavy weapons platform project. It says project complete, but I cannot find the platform anywhere in either my barracks or my hangar?

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Not sure about the Foundry, but no you are unable to sell weapons, armor, any of it.  Yea it sucks.  Takes away a lot of what makes X-com X-com.

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You can't sell weapons directly, but sometimes if you are lucky with council requests you can make a lot of money from them. Occasionally they will put in a request for X laser pistols / rifles, light plasma rifles, or plasma rifles, and they can make you some serious money ($1 - 4K)

I found it an odd decision not to allow you to sell them, considering there are requests for them, and the fact that if you recover broken weapon fragments from a battle you can sell those, yet an intact working gun cannot be sold.

With the benefit of hindsight and careful use of stun guns you can capture almost all the weapons you will ever need. On my first normal playthrough I skipped over building laser rifles as I had already captured light plasma rifles, and by the time plasma rifles appeared I was easily able to capture a few in my first couple of missions. Just had to spend a bit more to get the sniper and heavy sorted.

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I never had need to sell guns, since I only build a few of each type. Beside you can switch weapons to arm the team for missions (when they are recovering or if you want to level rookies).