1% shots, what gives?

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I´ve seen them a couple of times with soldiers having supression fire ability, so i´ve just gone along with the bad numbers and chosen supression fire before anything else, (overwatch or if feeling really stupid, taking the shot.. not).

What gives such low numbers anyway? With team members around in not so much better firing positions, radius. Better weapons, yeah, having way better odds to hit. But in reflection, is such a low shot percentage really justified? Because of what then i ask.

Edit: No, it wasnt with the shotgun at long range neither, assault rifle or the equivalent of it i believe it was.

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When you see 1% try actually clicking on the alien it's targetting and see what the actual chance to hit is. Looks like a bug I've seen quite a few times where it shows only 1%, but when you look at the detail you can have a 60%+ chance to hit. Not always, but it tends to be on shots where there are several bonuses or penalties on the shot - so I might have bonuses due to SCOPE, and penalties due to enemy cover. Usually seen this on units with rifles but also on my heavy. Don't think I've seen a sniper affected by it.
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Yeah i´ ve seen that in the lower right corner the percentage number rarely matches the one you get in the third person zoom in. I see another patch coming, hopefully.