This Is Not A Game, But A TV Show

User Rating: 2 | XBLAZE Lost: Memories PS3

I've never seen any of this anime before, but thought I'd give this game/TV show a try to step out of my comfort zone. Take my opinion with a grain of salt, because anime is not my thing (how about a little credit for trying it out though, yeah?). I found this game/TV show to be boring from a content perspective, the characters' voices grew very annoying very quickly, and I would have preferred the option of an English dub (not because I mind reading subtitles, but because I was so bored that I wanted to do house chores like laundry and dishes while I listened to the dialogue, rather than having to sit and read it). Just my opinion; so... fans of the series and game, I suggest doing your own review to bring the score back up for this piece of media, because I'm sure some of you enjoyed it, and that's cool, I'm glad you did! It's just not for me, that's all. Cheers!