Great fighting game and combines the qualities of the Street Fighter and X-Men characters very well.

User Rating: 9.5 | X-Men vs. Street Fighter ARC
The arcade version of X-Men vs Street Fighter has a proper tag team mode and combines the features of some of the beloved Street Fighter and X-Men characters into a great,2D fighting game.

You can use Ryu or Ken from Street fighter and make them fight against Wolverine or Cyclops from X-Men,but the street fighter characters and X-Men characters will sometimes fight eachother too.

It creates some enjoyable matchups,while keeping things reasonably balanced.Ryu and Ken use the shotokan style,and Wolverine uses his speed and claws,Cyclops can shoot eyebeams that travel faster than Ryu/Ken's hadoken,but they don't do as much damage and Cyclops isn't as technically well rounded as Ryu or Ken are as a fighter.Juggernaught is even bigger and more powerful than Zangief,but his special moves aren't as good.

The roster contains,Cyclops,Ryu,Gambit,Ken,Rogue,Cammy
Chun-Li,Storm,Charlie,Juggernaut,Zangief,Sabretooth,Dhalsim,Magneto,M. Bison

For the tag team feature,you can select and combination of 2 characters that you want,so you can have 1 SF character and 1 X-Men character,or you can have 2 SF characters or 2 X-Men characters if you want.When you substitute a character in and out of battle,their health slowly increases,but certain fighting styles are more/less effective against other fighting styles and whether to keep a character substituted out for longer to allow their health to regenerate or to put them back in can be quite a tactical decision.

If you've played the Street Fighter games,you shouldn't have much problem getting used to the style of this game,because it does have a Street Fighter feel,but the X-Men characters fit into the game nicely.The delicate timing for special moves and normal and super combos attacks is there but they are so much easier to do than in any SF game.To do a powerful super combo,you only need to do 1 simple joystick semi rotation and press one button.The special moves are easy to execute because the controls are forgiving,and it's the same when you perform combos.

The final boss is


Apocalypse(a villain from X-Men) who fights against you when he is in his giant form.It was a very unique style of boss fight for a fighting game for it's time,because of his size and he will use his hands to try to pound you or drill you and use energy balls and lazer beams.


The game even has interesting ending sequences and the personalities of the characters are shown well.

The music has the themes for each character.

If you like Street Fighter or want to test your favorite X-Men characters against the might of the Street Fighter characters,you can do so with this game.