The arcade allowed you to play either of the 2 characters you choose, why can't the PSX do ths same???

User Rating: 5 | X-Men vs. Street Fighter EX Edition PS
First off, I will not argue the fact that it is a very good translation of the arcade. The action is very good and you can play your fav characters just like in the arcade. You can even play as Apocolypes for PSX. There's even a secret options menu that you can use to set some very cool stuff. But the fact that you cannot play with both characters that you chose when you want really gets my goat. Sure, you can use both characters to pull off a super combo finisher, but I don't want to always play as just one character the entire time, just to fight the other character at the end.

Graphics were great, all the animations were there and was smooth to see. The backgrounds were very visual and appealing to the eye. The super movies went flawlessly and made me feel satisfied that I just fightered a super fireball at my opponent as a finisher. Even the super team attack looked great.

Here is where the real deal comes to play. I MUST warn you, when you choose your 2 characters, the first character that you choose will be the character that you will use throughtout the rest of the game, the second character is just your helper when you either lose or want to pull off a super team attack. The only translation is the special and super moves that you will like. All because you can't switch to your other character is what will kill you the most. What happened to the "FULL ARCADE TRANSLATION"???

The only reason you would want to get this game is the fact that it's Capcom, or the fact that you can play as your fav Xmen or Street Fighter. I personally do not know why they did not allow you to have a switchable ability to choose between your 2 playable characters. The fact that this technique was left out totally ruins the entire game. Hense, this is NOT a "ARCADE TRANSLATION" of the game, it's a mock up and the only benefit is that you can play as Apocolypes is the only thing that might actually interest you into buying the game.