A must have for 2D fighting fans!

User Rating: 9 | X-Men vs. Street Fighter (w/4MB RAM) SAT
I have always loved Capcom. Ever since I played Comando on Nes and then Megaman, then streetfighter II, but when I played this awesome crossover I was wupped.

This is an arcade perfect translation. The 8 meg cart does wonders for this title. Loading is may 2 seconds and the game looks beautiful. The game plays as smooth as it's arcade counter-part. No loading while switching characters....unlike the playstation version. You control capcom vets like Ryu, Bison, Ken. And Marvel classics like Wolverine, Sabertooth and Magneto.

This another must have for all fighting fans. Especially those who have spent many a day pumping quarters into this machine in the arcades.