X-men Vs Street Fighter Is Amazing.

User Rating: 10 | X-Men vs. Street Fighter EX Edition PS
X-men Vs Street Fighter is of course The first from the Marvel Vs Capcom Series and it's a good beginning of the series following the Other 3 Marvel vs Capcom games, All 4 of them are great in they're own rights. But X-men Vs Street Fighter is Quite Possibly the best since it's the Very First from the Marvel Vs Capcom series. If you have been a Fighter Fan ever since the Arcade days you will love this game deeply. Of course you will Remember how it is and everything From the sound to every detail in the game. The Music in this game is awesome it gives you Motivation to beat your Opponents in different Combos and different ways. This game is for Any Street Fighter Fan, also if you like Marvel and X-men then this is the Perfect Fighting game for you. X-men Vs Street Fighter Might be old but the good old days can be brought back by Playing this game. Of course the Arcade version of X-men vs Street fighter is the best Version to Buy if you want to get this game. Because better sound better Quality I keep having Dreams of going back in time and Playing X-men vs Street Fighter in the Arcades I was very Attached to that Game in the Arcades and since the Arcade place was Walking distance Away I couldn't Resist Of course It's not longer there anymore and the people working there No longer work there.And the Arcade Machine X-men vs Street fighter is long Gone. Maybe in an Arcade place you can find it and someone working there will Sell it to you. I almost got the Arcade version of X-men vs Street fighter but someone beat me to it. I was a regular In the Arcade place that is no longer there anymore it closed down. And I was very close friends with the people working there in the Arcade Place and Naturally they Offered to sell me X-men vs Street fighter I was already gonna buy it. The people working there saw that Everytime I went to the Arcade I always Played X-men vs Street fighter because it was Highly Addictive and Loved playing the Arcade Version of X-men vs Street Fighter i'm a big fan of Crossovers If you love Street Fighter and you love X-men or Marvel and If you love fighting games this Is the perfect game for you. Except the Version of this game to Buy is the Arcade version because nothing beats the Original.