the ps1 game was crap but this game is great

User Rating: 9.9 | X-Men vs. Street Fighter ARC
X-Men vs. Street Fighter is a fighter for the ARC that came out in 1996. X-Men vs. Street Fighter has characters from both the X-men comic and the street fighter games mixed into one great fighter. A long time ago I played the ps1 version and the game had nothing wrong with it but it did not feel right it might have been the fact that the only other fighters I had played in the past where Tekken and Soul Callibur games on my PS2 but X-Men vs. Street Fighter was not good on the ps1. X-Men vs. Street Fighter in the ARC is a different story. The game play is easy to learn but has depth to it and overall is one of the last ARC games that I would want to play right now. The graphics in X-Men vs. Street Fighter looks so much better than a lot of games from that time, man it looks good. The sound is pretty good but not as good as street fighter games that you would find in arcades. X-Men vs. Street Fighter is a game that you will put a lot of money in if you manage to find an arcade that is still open. In short is you actually find an arcade with this game in it play it with out thinking about it.

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