Not very good. Not very good indeed.

User Rating: 3.5 | X-Men: The Official Game X360
This game offers gameplay that gets boring after a while. I tried to make one run through of the game but it said my xbox live account wasn't able to be used as an account to save to sooo basically I couldn't save. It was a medocre game I thought. But then later I went to play this game again. All the achievements were incredibly stupid and required pretty much beating the game. Whats worse is 3 achievements for the game are worth 0 points. What game does that?!?!?!?!?! >.< Thats such a rip!!!! Even worse is theres an achievement you get for getting 950 points off of this game. WTF???? Incredibly stupid and boring game. Don't ever consider buying it even thought you'd think it couldn't be too bad. If it's in a discount bin consider buying it for a loooong time until you've made a decision your sure you absolutely won't regret. Definatley not one of my favorite games. PERIOD