Repetitive, but the violence makes up for it.

User Rating: 8 | X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Uncaged Edition) PS3
Movie licensed games usually have a bad habit. Their announced specifically for a movie, and is always set for the theatrical release, thus developers are given a limited development time and usually, it wends with the game being rushed out to the market, unpolished and unfinished. The game based on the new X-Men movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine has actually been in development, long before the movie was even entering production, so there's hope for this one. Will it live up to the memorable X-Men Arcade, or will it suck like all other movie licensed games?

The plot follows Logan, aka. Wolverine, during his younger years. It follows his time as a member of a special ops team, consisting of other mutants, formed by General Stryker, as their sent to Africa for a mission. Flash forward to 3 years after, Wolverine has settled down in Canada and found a girl friend, however Logan's brother Victor Creed (Sabertooth) has found Logan, kills his girlfriend, and leaves Logan for dead. Angry by this, Logan is approached by Stryker and agrees to be part of a experiment, giving him more than enough to defeat Victor.

The game follows the movie loosely, while it does expand on the overall plot. The extended parts actually works well, but the plot jumps back and forth between Logan's mission in Africa and present day, it makes the story a little hard to follow. Some plot twists are badly presented as well, but this is a problem that the movie has too. Overall, the story would have worked a little bit better, if they didn't cut back and forth so much, but even if that was fixed, the story is bad presented, while some parts are good.


The gameplay is a simple hack n' slash with your usual throwing, light and strong attack and various other moves, and of course environmental kills. There's a small focus on exploring and platforming, and activating your ferial sense helps pointing out enemies and objects you can hold on to, or grab on to. Logan is upgradable too, the more he attacks a certain type of enemy, the more his reflexes rise, which will cause him to do more damage on that specify kind of enemy, but it takes far too long to upgrade these, even one play through isn't enough. Logan also has rage, which is used for special attacks, like a spin attack, claw drill and a rage mode. He can also lunge onto enemies, which is especially cool and you can do it from a long distance too.

Logan can also be leveled up, each time he levels up he gains skill points, which he can use to upgrade his attacks, health and rage, and there's mutagens scattered around in the levels which boasts some of your abilities. It actually provides a little depth to the gameplay, but not by much, what it really amounts too is getting more health (which can barely be felt), and more rage and dealing more damage (which can be felt to some extent).

There are a few puzzles along the way, their simple and easy, but they repeat for far too long, and this is the biggest problem with the game. After a few hours, the game starts to repeat itself. You'll endure the same puzzles, the same enemies and the same bosses over and over again, it does get a bit tiring in the end. Thankfully, the game is actually fun to play, and that's thanks to the violence. If you were one of those who thought Wolverine was becoming kid friendly, then this will change your mind. Enemies get's shredded into pieces, poles get's stuck through people and occasionally, the game slows down, just to get a better view of all the violence, it's so fun. Sure it's repetitive, but man is it fun to see people die in gruesome ways, and that's what ultimately makes the game so much fun to play.

Unfortunately, the game does have a few gameplay bugs, when throwing over edges, they sometimes take ages to die, or they just get stuck. At one part of the game, the enemies might not even get through a door, leaving you stuck. It's minor, but it's still annoying. Another minor problem is that the game is just too easy. Logan regenerates health fast, and the enemies don't really provide a lot of challenge. There's a few good boss fights but the remainder is simple, just jump onto their backs and you'll damage them.

The game is split into 5 huge chapters, and completing them all takes around 10-15 hours, which is actually a good length, granted it's also because it repeats itself. Replay value is a bit limited though. If your the kind of person who likes trophies/achievements, then your gonna get some replay value out of it all, but if not, there's some costumes and collectables to find.


The game looks decent, but it's also obvious that it lacks some polish. The characters themselves look decent and the environments look good, however inside, the graphics becomes less impressive. There's also some graphical glitches, and while looking over landscapes looks good, their ultimately filled with some glitches, which is a shame. The cut-scenes looks ok, but some of them are compressed and at time, it shows. The visual highlight however, is watching Logan's body when he's being attacked. He'll get all sorts of wounds, and it's even possible to get him damaged so much, that there's only the bare bones of him left.


The music in the game is nothing special, but it works for the game. Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber & all reprise their respective roles, and they do a ok job, nothing special, but nothing bad either. The audio doesn't really have any bugs, but the main problem is the music and sound effects being turned down so low, that the voice acting ends up making more noise than all the other sounds.


The game is ripping of God of War, and it's repetitive, but the violence makes up for it. It's one of the best movie licesned games and it does Wolverine justice, but it's nowhere near as good as X-Men Arcade, but it's one of the better gamers to come out lately.