User Rating: 8.5 | X-Men: Next Dimension PS2
This is an good game! i was shocked when i read the score..this deserves more praise! now your gonna want proof of that praise..well i happen to have a list so we can divide the premise into 2 parts good and bad..HERE WE GO!


#1 good array of characters.

#2 nice arenas

#3 the characters have classic moves (wolverine's shred,iceman's beam etc)

#4 a cool menu. (lol)

#5 good graphics for the ps2

#6 a lot of unlockables.

#7 a wide array of moves.

#8 extra costumes.

#9 a slick fighting engine.

#10 good storyline.


#1 it's short and can probley be completed in 4 hours.

#2 gets kinda boring after a while.

#3 if you compare the graphics on this game to a game on the ps3 then you'll relize it's got poor graphics.(again lol)

#4 if leave it on the floor it'll get scratched.(honestly im gonna end it here)


gamespot is wrong as you can see this is a good fighting game! they need to accept the fact that this game is epic,,because we want to see x-men fighting games like this get good scores not children of the atom! (that's their idea of an x-man fighting game and i have nothing against c.o.t.a btw) but (ignore the comment i put above if you feel it makes no sense.) their entilted to their own opinion so i could care less what they put.:) but if your a fighting fan and an x-man fan then give this game a try.. i gurentee you won't be dissapointed. and honestly how many times do you get to fire forge's gun at evil gambit who throws a card at you then follows up by hitting you with his staff and then laughs at you? enough said.