Way too boring.

User Rating: 3.4 | X-Men: Mutant Wars GBC
Game Review-Gameboy Color-X-Men: Mutant Wars

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Released: November 2000
Developers: Activision, HAL Labs
Game Genre: Action

Well, when the game starts out, it has this really cool intro. It talks about how the mutants and the humans don’t get along, and how Professor Xavier has formed a band of mutants that fight evil in the hopes of one day getting along with humans. However, during the game, there really is no storyline other than the little mission briefings that Xavier gives you.

A good idea gone bad, basically. You start the game as Wolverine, but can switch between Cyclops, Storm, Gambit and Iceman at any point with the use of the select button. The only thing is, Wolverine is so much better than any of the others that you never really need to switch. Storm is the only person that does anything else useful. Wolverine has a jump kick that homes in on the enemy, so all you really need to do is jump and then press the attack button repeatedly and he takes out all the enemies. Storm can knock people down. That’s the extent of good uses that the X-Men have. Gambit throws cards, but is hard to control. Same with Cyclops, except he has lasers. And the same again with Iceman, who shoots ice.

Even though it was a GBC game, by November of 2000, many other GBC games had shown that the Gameboy Color certainly had the potential to carry some decent graphics. Mutant Wars failed miserably.

Previous Game: X-Men: Mutant Academy

The only true difference between Mutant Academy and Mutant Wars is that Academy progressed through the storyline via one-on-one battles, while Wars progresses with a long, repetitive level of destroying bad guy, then coming upon a boss.

Not good at all.

Lame, bland and boring.
Controls: Due to the GBC’s many limitations, the only thing that you need to worry about is moving with the D-Pad, jumping with the A button (pressing it twice does a double jump), attacking with the B button (only 3 attacks, really, a regular and a diagonal in each direction), and switching with the Select button.

Difficulty: Easy