Not even worth it for the most hardcore X-Men-fan.

User Rating: 4.3 | X-Men: Mutant Wars GBC
This game plays like a platformer-action game. You can play as five different X-Men, including Wolverine and Gambit. You can choose which X-Man you want to play as any time during in-game, this is easily done with a quick button combination.

Wolverine is the one you will be playing as the most. With him, you can use various combos and he is the one specializing in close-combat. The others are very similar and only differences between them are attack range and attack power.

The levels consist of simply beating up enemies, and then reaching a boss. Nothing special.

The graphics are moderate, but it's not like you can't see what's happening.

The music is hardly noticable. Nothing you pay attention to, at all. Doesn't enhance or dehance the experience.

In overall, a very moderate game. Nothing worth checking out. I beat the game in one evening, and before I got it I was dieing to get to play it. Big disappointment.