Considering the limited capabilities of the Game Boy Color, this is worth playing for x-men fans.

User Rating: 5 | X-Men: Mutant Wars GBC
In today's gaming standards, game boy color games aren't considered masterpieces. Only a handful have withstood the test of time and with more advanced portable gaming systems such as the GBA, DS, and PSP our expections of a portable game have increased. This is a short game that x-men fans, like myself, may want to check out, but only if you get it for under 8 bucks on eBay.

The story is pretty confusing. You do get to fight common xmen foes like Sabretooth, Mystique(as wolverine), a sentinel, magneto, and another common foe which is considered a surprise. Boss fights are engaging but fighting the grunt enemies(robots) is annoying.

You control 1 xmen at a time but can change a character at a push of a button, if they have life remaining of course. With the exception of Wolverine the other four characters(iceman, cyclops, storm, and gambit) feel the same since there only attack is a projectile.

The games difficulty is all right and uses a password save system although it should take you no more than 40 minutes at most to pass the game. A decent gbc game.