Just a button-masher.

User Rating: 4.3 | X-Men: Mutant Academy GBC
Game Review-Gameboy Color-X-Men: Mutant Academy

Review 41

Released: 2000
Game Genre: Action

Depending on your character (either X-Men or the bad guys), it’s different, but nothing exciting, just a typical “save the world” or “destroy the world” storyline.

The storyline progresses as your character fights battles. The battles are 1-on-1 with another mutant, just a regular fighting style. Nicely, there aren’t many special moves that need to be learned (i.e. up, up, down, down, up, down, right, down, A, down, right, B). Just plain old A, B, and different directional combos.

Very basic, even the little cut scenes are pretty terrible, but it’s a GBC game so not much is expected.

The game is not very durable. Pretty shoddy, and not long lasting at all.

Controls: The A and B buttons are used with the directional pad to create little combos. That’s all you need to know. Left/Right and A, for instance, throws a character, while up and B performs a jump kick, and etc.

Difficulty: Hard
Probably because it’s on the Gameboy Color, the computer controlled characters are almost unstoppable sometimes because of the way they predict your moves. You’ll move right and they’ll move right at the exact same time, and then move left suddenly and perform a killer move. Stuff like that.