User Rating: 3.5 | X-Men: Mutant Academy GBC
X-Men: Mutant academy just looks good. That’s it the graphs are the best thing in game because everything else sucks. Story mode in the game has no story. It shows the Professor looking at a monitor and then the fighting begins, that’s a story? The fight is just kicking and some punch and some use their power and there are 1 or 2 special moves. There is this rage gage it don’t do anything. I push every button and its doesn’t go a thing. There is a battle mode where you get to pick the fighter. There is also survival mode; it’s the same as story mode. And there is training where the other fight just stands there. The sound is just a little tune playing over and over. Don’t get this game; don’t even look at this page of the game. Why are you reading this review?