While it pains me to be critical of an X-Men game, I feel I must with this overrated beat-em-up.

User Rating: 6 | X-Men: Mutant Academy PS
First off, let me start by saying I love the X-Men to death. For some reason, they are the only comic book team (and one of the very few comics period I ever go in to) that has ever really interested me. I own the films, the shows, and a lot of the games. So this is no way a bash at X-Men, as I could never do that. I first found this game after playing X-Men: Next Dimension (Mutant Academy unofficial second sequel) on the Gamecube, and after getting used to it's flaws, I found an incredibly fun game. It's roster is enormous, although some mutants that should be present, aren't. In Mutant Academy, I was disappointed to find only 10 playable characters. Maybe it was because of technical or console limitations, but it was a serious drawback. That being said, those merry mutants that are present, like Storm, Wolverine, Mystique, Magneto and others (by others I mean only six) are the X-Men's prime candidates, so it makes sense as to why they're included. But other mutants like Rogue or Juggernaut are not present in any form, which made the game's replay value very low. After being absorbed into Next Dimension's epic, albeit short story mode, I was itching to try out Mutant Academy's story, only to find out it doesn't have one. The only game modes include, Arcade, Versus, Cerebro and Training. It's like the developers did not even try to make the game's replay value higher, as with only ten characters and very few game modes, you'll find yourself not wanting to play beyond a half an hour. I know I did. The fighting mechanics are also a bit to get used to. It took me quite a long time to understand Next Dimension's fighting techniques and how to use super powers, but I have still to this day not found out how to use the powers in Mutant Academy. This wouldn't be much of problem if the traditional hand-to-hand combat was more entertaining to play. However, it, much like this game, it very slow and boring. I even found the game's easiest difficulty a bit too much as I played through Arcade mode. Whether or not that's just me, or the game itself, I can't really tell. What I can tell is, that if you're like me, and want more and more of the X-Men, get this game. While I was disappointed at it's result, it is still a mildly enjoyable X-Game that any fan can enjoy. It still holds a place in my collection, but whether or not that's just because I want to own everything X-Men or because I genuinely get some enjoyment out of the game, is up for debate.