great fun but only once you get into it...

User Rating: 8.6 | X-Men: Mutant Academy 2 PS
Well, this game is an instant hit for any fan of superpowers, etc. However for the not so interested it can become great fun, but you have to get into the combos. This game has quite a lot to do, it has a well balenced unlocking system and humor is packed in there too! if you get far enough you get to play proffessor x (for those who hae no idea who he is, basicly a guy in a wheelchair beating the crap out of whomever he finds!!!) And other beloved marvel characters an be unlocked as well (spiderman).

Survival mode - here you can quite literally fight for survival continuously taking down enemies which get continuously harder...

Arcade - this is kind of a story mode, but you dont get any info, best if you know the characters relationships to piece together what is can unlock people by working through this.

academy - this can be the most fun, you can try out personal combos etc, and tighten up your skills before attemting the rest of the game or trying to beat a surival record

theres more but i cant be bothered to explain. If i just tell you that for ps, it has its flaws (including advertising, crude humour unproportioned brests etc) but mainly it is a good solid game!