Still a fun game.

User Rating: 8.5 | WWF SmackDown! (Platinum) PS
I've played almost all of THQ's WWEs wrestling games and now I'm here to review the first one I got. WWF Smackdown has done a good job despite it being the first installment. The graphics are really done well considering that this game is on a Playstation 1. You'll find almost all of your favorite wrestling superstars present (during that time). Your superstars signature moves are present as well. THQ did a good job creating a SMACKDOWN down meter so that matches aren't way too easy and boring. There are some glitches you may encounter in this game such as collision detection. Some features in this game include the ability to creat your very own superstar which is a really neat added bonus. Overall this game is a nice addition to your PS1 collection.