WWF SmackDown! brings newer versions of theme songs coupled with the then-actual FMV intros,but gameplay was left behind

User Rating: 2.4 | WWF SmackDown! (Platinum) PS
WWF SmackDown! was released by THQ, who quite frankly have seemed to always fail in creating decent gameplay in their Playstation wrestling games (watch out for some of the bargain bin WCW games they released, one of which entire gameplay consists of attempting to punch your opponent who dodges the punch around 97% of the time, and maybe perform one or two generic moves) while they have done a decent job with other consoles.

Gameplay, dpeending on difficulty, ranges from the extremely easy to the impossibly hard. You can actually perform your finishing move several times on your opponent and they'll still manage to remove their shoulders from the mat during a pin.
On the other hand, if you just beat them relentlessly and pin them you can win a match before 30 seconds has expired.

The redeeming factors are a career mode that is more or less the same thing again and again, with small differences here and there, providing for minimal but at least some replay value. This ranges from occasionally being asked to attack another pro-wrestler for someone, or making friends/enemies backstage otherwise.

Creating wrestlers has never been more mediocre, you are actually relegated to using the face and other designs of one of the actual superstars!
Which is a big no-no for those who were more interested in using the feature to create legends from times past.

The entrance music and video sequence are actually the few reasons I purchased the game, and realism wise they're not all that good-the wrestlers enter with the video as a backdrop, but for those who were ever interested in seeing a closeup form of their entrance videos in FMV with then-updated music it is worthwhile, though you won't actually see your wrestler enter the ring, just walk for a brief period of time toward the television. No TitanTron bars or other such representation of the video screen we see on television, the video doesn't even at least get smaller or something to simulate the superstar getting closer to the ring, he might as well be walking along a treadmill in the sky.

Among the worst things, to actually hear the entrance music, you must leave the music up under options- which, wouldn't be such a hard thing to do if they didn't include annoying in-game music replacing the play-by-play commentary seen on Acclaim's games.

Aside from a decent multiplayer career mode, and it being the first game of its type to include FMV "TitanTron" videos during their entrance (and rather badly, I'm afraid) this game fails to deliver.

Blessed Be