Smackdown is the best wrestling game on the PS1

User Rating: 8.6 | WWF SmackDown! (Platinum) PS
This is where it all started. Where all the Smackdown games were born, this is the original and remains to be one of the best grappling games in the gaming industry let alone the PS1.
Blowing the dust of the old copy buried underneath all the new PS2 games was this gem and foolish I was to ignore it, I didn't hesitate in getting back to grips with the gameplay after years of abense from THQ's grappler.

Graphics: Laughable, but back then these graphics was something beautiful the PS1 could offer, with no blood or visible damage it lacked a certain realism but there was rarely any glitches and seemed very colourful but a bit basic nonetheless, by the PS1's standards though, it is good.

Gameplay: Certainly addictive and with mulitplayer it is very addictive. Being a rainy day I decided against going outside and invited some friends round, we instantly enjoyed the little session on the game and when it was time for them to leave I resumed the game, enjoying it's easy to use controls, fun music and the great wrestling moves. Making your own PPV and Wrestler is also very good and time consuming. Royal Rumble is my favourite mode.

Sound: The wrestling moves are dated and some of the wrestlers aren't even around now but the movies are good and sound details, when it happens, are fine. But no commentary and muted season modes when wrestlers plot/fight/argue backstage could be included.

Lifespan: Boring in the single player mode although Create a Wrestler, PPV etc are time consuming and the season mode is usually enjoyable and the pre season with your new star is certainly challenging.
Multi player is the real turn on though and without it the first Smackdown could've very well become the last.