SmackDown! bring to you WWF style and season mode.

User Rating: 8.5 | WWF SmackDown! (Platinum) PS
The game realesed in 2000 on playstation. The game looks good and have much match types. But some maches like hardcore is very weak you start a match with chair and thats it you dont able to found any tables, ladders or other extreme stuff. The ladder matches are simply you just put ladder in centre of the ring climb and just grab its maybe easy but opponent not gonna let you do that easy so thats more fun. The game also offers you to play season mode which is pretty fun but not that good. The season have only maybe three or four pay per views: royal rumble, king of the ring, wrestlemania and no way out. So one year in season mode goes short. But good thing is than you you got title shots some cutscenes a little action from WWF style. The targetting system is very simple you just push one button and just target that opponent which you want. The finishing move is very simple then you get one smackdown icon just make opponent stand and push finishing move button. The game have little details which help game look great like small entrances some small arenas, some cutscenes in season mode. The game definatly brings you WWF action and is truly amazing.