The first good WWF game by THQ on PSX and the one that started it all.

User Rating: 7.5 | WWF SmackDown! (Platinum) PS
Today I'm gonna take a look at WWF Smackdown for the PSX. This game would be the first Smackdown game in the series and also the first THQ/WWF game for the good old PSX. So lets get started.


When this game first came out the graphics were so innovative for the time because unlike most wrestling games before this were blocky or 2.5D pixels on a screen. This was a joy to look at back then and still is today. My only complaint being that Kane's arms are kinda small. Graphics get a 8.6/10


The sound is actualy decent in this game. Wrestlers have their themes and the in game music is killer. Sound gets a 8.9/10


Finally a functional wrestling game on the PSX. Most games like WCW Nitro and WWF In Your House were either button mashers or you had to do Street Fighter like moves. Not this game. All you have to do is push a direction and press O. To do finisher press L1 when in appropriate position. Controls get 10/10.


Now this is where the game gets really good. With all the things said about this game you might be thinking it's all talk and no fight. WRONG!!!!!! This game is fun as ****!!!!!!!! We finally had a good Attitude Era PSX game. Only problem being a small roster and no British Bulldog or Cactus Jack. Gameplay gets a 8/10 also because of backstage areas not being that good.

Overall: I highly recommend this game for old and new wrestling fans alike because of how well the game still holds up today. Ahhhhh the times when TV and my three favorite channels Cartoon Network was still good at the time and The WB and UPN were still around. Oh well another time on that subject. And thats the bottom line cause ufcfan2009 said so!!!!