WWF Smackdown! is one of my most favorite WWF/WWE games of all time, but still, many flaws are in this game.

User Rating: 8.3 | WWF SmackDown! (Platinum) PS
If you really love WWF/WWE games and want an old-school version of it, this is totally your game. It's got all the odl-school characters and it's got a non-stop story mode that will let you play forever and go for any belt you desire. It has flaws though. Graphics aren't as good as expected in a PS1 game. Also, you should be able to hear commentary from J.R. and King. You can't hear the fans cheer you on. THQ should have made a real story mode that let you choose your favorite character and make him go through the story and fight your way to the top. Sadly, that is not in the game. But this game's story mode is still fun for fighting and felling like a champ. If yuo have friends and want to duke it out with each other, you might find multi-player fun. It includes a variety of your favorite matches so you can extend your match choices and make it easier for people to choose what they want. All in all, this is a great game overall. Any fan of the previous WWF superstars will love to play as their idols in this game.