An important stepping stone in developers' quests for well made wrestling games. Sports a nice variety of 90s wrestlers.

User Rating: 7.5 | WWF SmackDown! (Platinum) PS
This game is the precursor of the fantastic WWE franchise of games. Though it isn't the first wrestling game it is the first good one that captures the magic of professional wrestling with dramatic storylines, good music, multiple match modes and over three dozen of the most popular wrestlers of that era.

The game play itself is basic enough there are attack buttons, throws and rope maneuvers along with finishers unique to the wrestlers. The basic point of the game is to wear your opponent down and pin him or her. In-between events in season mode you often times get approached to attack someone for somebody thus creating ties with some people and enemies with others. It's kind of story driven so it's pretty cool. I thought that the create a wrestler mode needed some serious work however.

The graphics are decent and I liked the entrance backdrops. The wrestlers are awkwardly proportioned to the ring but they at least look like the superstars they represent. As for the sound, the lack of commentary was a disappointment but the entrance music is all intact.

Ultimately I would recommend this game to anyone with an interest in pro wrestling, especially to younger people who want to know what wrestlers were active back in the late 1990s.