WWF+Mortal Kombat= Total Awesomeness.

User Rating: 10 | WWF In Your House PS
Ok, so most people seem not to like this game, and I have to wonder why. It was released in late 1996, on PSX, Saturn, and PC. The roster consists of Vader, Ahmed Johnson, Owen Hart, British Bulldog, Shawn Micheals, Hunter Hearst Helmsley (yes, Triple H before he came out to Motorhead and DX), Bret Hart, Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior, and Goldust. I enjoyed Wrestlemania the Arcade game, and saw this game at my local used game store for $4.99 and deceided to buy it. This game is great, it's Mortal Kombat with a ring, WWF Wrestlers, and no blood. (I know, it would be cool to do fatalities on Goldust) It's fast paced action, and matches are usually over in under a minute. The replay value is through the roof, (no pun intended, with In your house) you always find some new move or combo everytime you play as someone. The arenas are silly, all but two are made up houses to fit the wrestlers! You have Shawn's Heartbreak Hotel, which is a bar with a band playing in the backround, Undertaker's has a resemblance to a certain MK stage, Vader's is a ring in the backyard of his Rocky Mountain Retreat, Ultimate Warrior's is in the middle of the desert, HHH's is in his Mansion, Bret's in Stu Harts Dungeon, Owen has a house of cards, Ahmed has a locker room, Goldust has a theater, Bulldog has like a backyard tea place, and lastley a WWF In Your House ring in a arena. Everybody has cool special moves, like Vader takes off his mask, it starts on fire, and he hits his oppenent with it! Instead of Fatalities, you have Mega Pins, like Shawns setup from his old Heartbreak hotel falling on your oppenent. But beware, this is not a true wrestling game, like the AKI N64 wrestling games or the smackdown or Raw or SVR series, like WrestleMania the arcade game, this game is fast paced action, even the wrestling moves are very.... over-animated. But you don't even have to be a wrestling fan to like this game, you should defenitly pick it up if you're looking for a very fun, fast-paced, entertaining fighting experience!