This isn't as bad as the millions of monkeys that can work a keyboard say it is.

User Rating: 4 | WWF In Your House PS
Please note: Before I begin, I would like to point out that I am not trying to offend anyone with that monkey comment, but most people just refuse to give this game the credit it deserves.

Ahh, In Your House... the black sheep of the Arcade styled WWE/F Games. In all honesty, I thought this was actualy a good game. I mean, sure, the graphics aren't as good as the prequal, WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game, and neither or the controls, but in it's own right, it is a solid Game.

Graphics: 6/10
Not the best graphics ever. It has worse graphics then W:TAG, but that doesn't matter if you ask me. It uses digitized graphics like what the first 3 MK outings used, which isn't suprizing considering it was made by the same company, Midway.

Controls: 2/10
This game has horrible controls. It's almost impossible to hit with most moves, and some are just so broken their is no use in even trying to use them. Alot of the attacks are so out there, like The Undertaker pulling a tombstone out of his sleave and hitting you with it, that even trying to use the actual "Wrestling" moves is a bad idea, because usualy the stuff like that does more damage then the actual wrestling moves, and usualy are easier to pull off, usualy just something like Forward-Square.

Characters: 3/10
Here is a tip to Midway: Stop. Recycling. Characters. It's hard to beleve this is the SEQUAL to Wrestlemania. A good example is Ultimate Warrior. This guy plays, and moves completely like Lex Luger from Wrestlemania. It's like Midway just sat there and said "Hmm, we need to use the Ultimte Warrior but we have only seen 1 of his matches, and that was only 2 seconds long. Hmmm... lets just use Lex Luger's moveset". I mean come on! If your going to be that lazy then why bother adding him! Some characters were actualy toned down from the prequal. Shawn Micheals just plain sucked compared to his Wrestlemania Counterpart.

Final Average: 4/10
This game had a few perks, but in the end, is vastly inferior to the prequal.