Mortal Kombat eye for the WWF guy.

User Rating: 5 | WWF In Your House PS
Wrestling was always simply about watching two guys go at it and beat each other up. Acclaim thought, "Well that's what happens in fighting games, too! Whoa!" So, before entering the third-dimension, they decided to try [blatantly] incorporating elements of the Mortal Kombat games into a new WWF game, thinking that it would make it better. Well, the purpose is the same, though how it plays out when comparing a fighter with fantasy creatures to professional wrestling is totally different.

The sprites are decent, if a little messy, renditions of their real-life counterparts, with some choppiness in the animation. I guess they aren't that bad, though they could've done better by this time. The sound is unamazing and intentionally unrealistic. Sound effects are muffled and there is no music. The "Pin Him!" guy sounds like a single drunken fan yelling, and it's pretty muffled, too.

By the way, did that whole "Pin Him!" thing strike you at all? Sound like Shao Kahn saying "Finish Him"? Worse yet is that they both mean it's time for a finisher. Take note that the finishers in this game are not like actual wrestling finishers, though bear heavy resemblance to what more light-hearted fatalities would look like. Even these are far more bizarre (in a bad way) than anything in Mortal Kombat, even the Friendships (a finisher in Mortal Kombat II where instead of gruesomely killing the guy to gory effect, your fighter offered friendship in some way relevant to them). Other moves include the Undertaker firing skulls and Owen firing cards, as well as stuff like Bulldog's head becoming the head of a bulldog and biting the other guy. This is the kind of stuff I'd expect to see in some mediocre fighter, though not WWF. The gameplay generally is decent, though mostly because it is a partial knock-off of Mortal Kombat II. There are some differences, like power-ups, though the core gameplay is just ripped.

This was an unnecessary game, and held its title when it was released like this. It offers very little to do and you'll probably have little to do with it. If you really want to play this, go play Mortal Kombat II--it's still much better.