Warning...Extreme rant coming up.

User Rating: 2 | WWE WrestleMania 21 XBOX
Ahhh cash tie-ins you really have to love them, you see them with movies and other types of popular media but no game has taken the phrase "Tie in" quite like Wrestlemania 21.

The good.
Well the character models look great and so do the arenas.The soundtrack is pretty good but that is all depending on who you are....Oh and there are 45 wrestlers to choose from.Well that just about does it for the good.

The Bad.
Everything else. No I am not playing, please sit back and hear my warnings about this game. First off the poor Xbox has not gotten to many wrestling games, it has three, Raw and Raw 2. This game was suppose to be Raw 3, but with Wrestlemania 21 on the horizon I guess THQ thought that they could make a quick buck. Now the problem with releasing a game called Wrestlemania 21 before the actual PPV is you know that it will not have WM21 in it. Yes that is right, false advertising is something else we can charge this piece of crap with. The game is called WM21 but the latest WM arena in the game was Wrestlemania 20....To a wrestling fan that is complete heartbreak....And no not HBK. You can tell this was a rushed job just by the cover of the damn game. Look at every and I mean EVERY other wrestling game's cover, they all have a lot of flash or atleast one wrestler on it. This one is just a blue background and the words of a lying game.

On to the gameplay. The gameplay could have been fun to play, but the dumbass A.I bogg it way down. Your will be literally playing against a bunch of dummies in this game. The controls feel broken right along with the damn gameplay since cheap glitches and other problems will pretty much halt your gameplay experience. The glitches in this game are not minor, they are not something you can just brush off as a LITTLE mistake, no this game is filled with them. From floating characters to clipping of animations to the absolutly mystery.

Not only does this game have a titanic load of glitches it is missing gametypes that were suppose to be in this game at it's time. There are no first blood matches, no elimination chamber matches and alot of other match types and features that should have been included were not. Now there is a legends challenge mode. Your basically completing challenges to unlock new characters and other things.....To bad it does not work, thats right you will complete some of the challengines to a T and it will not unlock what you were suppose to earn...Why?, Cause of the glitches thats why. Speaking of lame lets move on to the next tragic thing about this game. The create a wrestler feature. Out of all the wrestling games to ever grace this green earth this one has the worst...THE WORST create a wrestler feature ever. My character ended up looking like a retarded monkey with a hat, it lacks clothing and other standard accessories. Sigh....I am almost done this review but before I finish there is the story mode and Xbox-live. The Story mode is garbage along with the rest of this game and Xboxlive did not even work....

All in all if you have an original xbox and are looking for a good wrestling game do not...I repeat DO NOT get this game. I believe it has a huge deal with the fact that Studio Gigante helped make this crap. This game came out in 2005 and there is still no excuse for the pathetic wast which is Wrestlemania 21