In my opinion, it really isn't that bad.

User Rating: 7.2 | WWE WrestleMania 21 XBOX
I had been anticipating this game for a while now, and when it was released, I was shocked to see the reviews that websites like Gamespot, and IGN gave the game. Today I decided not to listen to what the game critics said about the game and see how I like the game. I was really surprised, because the game is actually quite good to me. The game does have its flaws though. Like clipping, and some other flaws that are too hard for me to describe. Does it hurt the game? Yes it does, but I don't think the game shoulf of gotten as low of a score as it did. The game looks really nice, and it sounds great as well. The online mode ran smoothly for me, and the story mode is really cool the first time through. I think this game should of at least gotten a 7.0, because it isn't as bad as the critics make it out to be.