I Review WWE and Explain Some of its Key Features

User Rating: 9 | WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 PS3
Yukes are once again the kings of the thrown in their next version of WWE: The game. As stated in many magazines, such as Play and GamesTM, Yukes have been working at their all time best to make 2011's title 100% authentic. Featuring a whole new range of superstars and new features, the game is sure to keep you entertained for a long time.

Here, within this review I will explain some key features that this wonderful and extremley addictive game contains.

A new system introduced with 2011 is the WWE Universe. This mode tracks the matches you play, and then suggests alternate matches you may wish to fight, that will be of the same level and style at which you play at. This mode is extremley useful if you find it difficult to pick and set up matches.

Another feature that you may wish to take into careful consideration is the new Road to Wrestlemania, which includes 5 new storylines, one of which allows you to play as your own superstar. As well as this, Road to Wrestlemania has now been totally revamped, and now allows you and your created superstar to wander around backstage, and go to locations such as your locker room, the GM office and training room. With this all new way of playing this unique mode, it now makes it feel more real and authentic to the real deal.

Besides from this all the other usual modes have been completely redone and updated. This includes the Highlight Reel, Story Designer, Create a Superstar, Create an Entrance, Create a Finisher, and much more.

Yukes have also taken the liberty in re-writing the complete physics system, and reinventing it. This now allows for objects and the environment to be used ina whole new range of ways. Stack chairs on top of chairs, place ladders on the ropes and even take a superstar and tie his neck in the base of steel chair!!!

With all of these new possibilties, this game is sure to keep all fans of the WWE series happy and entertained for a long time.