WWE SvR 07 is a great wrestling game, but there is a bunch of stuff THQ didn't have time to fix

User Rating: 8.5 | WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 PS2
WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2007 is an awesome wrestling game based on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), it is also the first game in the WWE SmackDown series to be available on a non Sony console (in this case the Xbox 360). The game introduces new analog controls for grappling and moving around the arena, which will probably take some time getting used to for those that are familiar with the older titles in the game, I got used to the new control schemes in SvR 08, so they didn't bother me that much when I 1st played this game. The game has some great graphics, some of the best on the PS2, since the game was canceled on the PS3, I had to get it on the PS2, though that didn't bother me, since I still use my PS2 for loads of stuff. The game also has a great soundtrack. Some more new features include some environmental "hotspots" such as the ring ropes, steel steps and scaffolding which you can interact with, as well as allowing you to battle in the arena crowd, where you can beat the hell out of your opponent with some signs and objects within the area, IDK why THQ took this feature out in later games, but it should make a comeback. The 2 categories of move sets are determined by your weight-class now, so lighter wrestlers have access to MMA or luchadore move sets, while the heavier wrestlers have access to more power moves. In which a wrestler can only lift up or hurt with certain strikes, wrestlers one weight class heavier than them or less. The game also has a great roster but there are some flaws about. An example would be that the revived ECW brand is missing. Since there is no ECW loads of the wrestlers are on a WWE brand that they were on months before. This will be alot of typing but it should be pointed out. Superstars such as Big Show, Rob Van Dam, Daivari, Kane, Chavo Guerrero and Kurt Angle, are listed as RAW superstars, though Big Show and RVD were on ECW at the time the game came out. Daivari went to ECW a month before the game came out, but should be listed as a SmackDown! wrestler (since there is no ECW in 07) because he was managing The Great Khali on SmackDown! earlier in the year when the game came out. Kane was on SmackDown! when the game came out because he lost to Umaga and was forced to leave RAW. Chavo Guerrero was on SmackDown! when the game came out as well. And since Kurt Angle was a SmackDown! superstar for the majority of 2006 before heading to ECW and being released, he should be listed as a SmackDown superstar instead of RAW, since ECW isn't in the game (he was only part of RAW in early January of 2006). Hardcore Holly, Randy Orton, The Great Khali, Bobby Lashley, Kid Kash, Johnny Nitro and Melina are listed as a SmackDown! superstars, though Holly was on ECW at the time the game came out, while Johnny Nitro and Melina were on RAW when the game was released. The Great Khali went to ECW the same month as Daivari. Lashley moved to ECW the exact day this game came out, but I understand THQ didn't have the time to fix that, though even if ECW was in the game I bet he would still been listed as a SmackDown! superstar. Randy Orton was a RAW superstar when the game was released. And Kid Kash was released by WWE by the time the game came out. Another mistake in the game is that alot of wrestlers have outdated gimmicks, entrance themes and crowd reactions (boo or cheer). Big Show still has his old but better entrance theme instead of his lamer current one and is cheered by the crowd despite being a bad guy on ECW at the time, Vito has his cross dressing entrance theme and titantron, though he wears his wrestling trunks instead of one of the dresses he wore at the time, and he is booed by the crowd though he was a good guy during his gimmick as a crossdresser. Davari doesn't have his theme he used when he was with Muhammad Hassan (or that other theme he used), he has The Great Khali's theme. Hardcore Holly is cheered for by the crowd though he was a bad guy on ECW at the time. Paul Burchill has his pirate entrance, theme, and titantron he used at the time, though he is booed by the crowd (because he was a bad guy with William Regal earlier the year 07 was released). Booker T is himself, instead of King Booker after he won the King of the Ring Tournament in 2006, he has his old entrance theme (Rap Sheet) instead of his theme he used as King Booker, though he still has his King Booker Titantron. Mick Foley is in the game, he is booed by the crowd (since he formed an alliance with Edge earlier in the year, who was a bad guy at the time), though he was definitely a good guy again by the time 07 was released. One minor thing that I never understood is that Kid Kash is in the game but his then partner Jamie Noble isn't, but that isn't such a big deal, and one last thing is that this is the final game to feature Chris Benoit because of his supposed double murder suicide in the year 2007 (despite having 07 in the games title, it came out in 06 for those not familiar with sport games), though I think there are loads of unanswered questions involving the incident . Now WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2007, despited its noticeable flaws, is one of the best wrestling games on the PS2, I definitely recommend picking it up if you have a PS2, PSP, or Xbox 360. The game makes me remember what a great year 2006 was for WWE and myself all together.rnOverall: 8.5/10