Great wwe game.

User Rating: 8.5 | WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 X360
This is not the best wwe game this game is great it has a great roster and great places to fight at.This is a game that might get you going but not for a long time.
This game is good.This is not the best xbox 360 game.This has story mode and gm mode story mode is better then GM mode.GM mode is good though.This game has great gameplay and good controls this game is great.This is a great game for a wwe fan.This game is better then smackdoen vs raw 2008 but not better the some other wwe games.This is a game that is worth playing.This is grean and it is not bad.This xbox 360 game has a lot to it like story mode,GM mode,and a mode where you can just fight.This has some good places to fight at Score:8.5 out of 10.This is better then smackdown vs raw 2006 and 2005 in my opinon.This game is a great game to play on the xbox 360.