WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 is a great game because .............

User Rating: 8.5 | WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 PS2
- Still a lot to do and tons of fun
- Great new season mode
- WWE superstar voice sound good
- A great new roster with great looking characters
- The ring entrances have improved alot and are more detailed
- New the grappling mode is simply superb

- Commentary is either late or dosen't know what's going on in the ring
- Some long load times
- General manager mode could have been better

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 is the 3rd in the Smackdown vs Raw, and its a great addition to the series. The game looks impressive and wrestling is pretty smooth. This SVR has new wrestlers, they look impressive, a great new season and more, much more.

As the other WWE and WWF games, this one has tons of modes and variaty and much to do. There aren't new types of matches in the game, except for the Money in the Bank match. This type of match is a ladder match, but this is a 6 man match. The match is extremely hard and tough to win and may take you more for half an hour to win. In the Money in the Bank match you have to get the briefcase, not the belt, from the top of the ladder. Even when you're on the ladder, the way to get the briefcase is new and a little tough at the beginning but its easy to get used to. Also the table matches have changed. This time you must have a finishing move to put someone though the table. A lot better than last year's.

The season mode has also improved. In WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007, you can go from Smackdown to Raw and vice versa. The story is still engaging and unlike WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2006, you can become champion in any time of the year. In the last WWE SVR, you had to wait until Wrestlemania, that was too linear. This one provides a non-linear story and changes. The General mode hasn't improved much from the last game. It's still pretty bad, could have done better. But you must do it in order to get unlimited created characters custimaze points. But the General Manager mode in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 is a little better and more exciting.

One great things in the game is the new grappling system. If it wasn't for the grappling system this game would fall. The grappling system gives you move freedom and changes the match. The moves can be performed by first hold the R1 and circle to perform a strong grapple. But then instead of pressing X, just drag your opponent to, let say, the turnbackle, the ropes, thats the best one. Outside the ring, to the steel steps, to the ring post, the announce table and there are others. There is another that you don't need to drag your opponent. You perform the normal grapple, R1 + circle, then press R3 instead of X. It works, trust me. When in the grapple don't panic. He normally tells you to either pull the right analog stick up or down or press R3 again or turn the analog stick to the right or left. It's a pretty cool edition. The moves also depend mostly on the class of the wrestler. If you're cruiserweight most probably the moves are DDTs, Piledriver or maybe suplex and also a kick to the face. If you're Super Heavyweight or just Heavyweight the moves are more powerful like Chokeslam, Powerslam, Samoan Drop, and sometimes Powerbombs. Wrestlers have different grappling moves and they're not really easy at first. Once you get used to them, the match will look far more interesting. The grappling are good if you're fighting against a great opponent. Can be really helpful.

Like the previous games, the character models look fantastic. Some of the best looking models on the PS2. The years are passing and the moves are decreasing and so are the costumes. But the new entrances are alot better than last time's.Also moves are well exacuted. And the voice acting in the season mode, cutscenes that is, is great. Even the commentary sounds good in cutscenes and so are the wrestlers. But the commentary is weak and sometimes late to tell finishing moves. But the the soundtrack is better than 2006's. The new wrestlers look awesome and fight great. There are new legends too. But wait. What the hell is Shane McMahon doing with the legends? I though he was on the Raw roster. Maybe his father, but not him. He's dump and not very good. He 's good but not 85 overall he dosen't deserve to be a legend for sure.

Unfortunely the game suffers from random long load times. This normally occurs before the match, after choosing your character. Takes too long to load the match. There is also the Create-A-Wrestler mode and Movest and Create-A-Belt and the usual. These modes, except for the Entrances mode are basically the same. Might also take some time to create an entrance. This because takes time when changing the music. There are still does nice weapons under the ring, waiting for someone to grab hold of them. Like WWE SVR 2006, the weapons are the same. But the way the crowd sounds good but could look a little more realisitic. Or maybe not make similiar people near each other. That sucks. Something about the commentary i forgot is that they repeat the same things a lot of time. They also say other finishers. One you will sure hear, when there are Jerry "The King" Lawler and Jim Ross commenting, one of them when you do a chair finisher, he will say Stone Cold Stunner, even when there isn't Stone Cold.

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 has more problems than the previous game but the game still rocks. WWE Smackdown vs Raw is the bets wrestling series up-to-date. WWE SVR 2007 plays fantastic and looks awesome. If it wasn't for the bad commentary and long load times could have had a better score. But the new grappling system helps the game and THQ and Yuke's bring you a great game, that can be improved