For Smackdown v.s Raw 2007 has some flaws, but it was a great and fun experience.

User Rating: 8 | WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 X360
Smackdown v.s Raw 2007

Publisher: THQ
Developer: Yuke's
Platform: Xbox 360
Rated: Teen
Released: November 14, 2006

The visuals in Smackdown v.s Raw 2007 are surprisingly good for a game that came out in 2006 and this might be the best looking in the series visually that is, the menu's are nice to look at and the lettering on the menu is nice and big so it can make it easy to read if you have an older T.V. The detail to the ring and the environments like the fans in the stands and the back stage it all looked great, but the detail to all the wrestler's looked ok but again this game did come out in 2006, so with that said the detail to all the wrestler's were alright they were not great but they were not bad either.

The audio in Smackdown v.s Raw 2007 is excellent from the entrance music of all the wrestler's to some extra tracks from artist's like Lil' Scrappy and many more. I like the fact these game have at least have or most of the voice work is all done by the all the wrestler's that are still wrestling today or just the one's that were wrestling then so in short the voice work in this game is great. The sounds all around you as you are wrestling make the game feel like you are their like the roaring cheers of the crowd when you do a great power move to the boo's if you are not doing well or if you are the villain and even the sounds when you crack your opponent's head in with a chair or any weapon is just great, and in short on the audio in the wrestling title is amazing.

Now the gameplay for Smackdown v.s Raw 2007 is great and it should keep you busy for hour's with all the game mode's it has and all the creation/customization tools it has as well. I'll talk about some of the mode's this game has a season mode, where it is basically a story mode, their is a GM mode where you can take on the role of General Manager of Raw or Smackdown and draft your roster, set upi match's for your show's and Pay-Per-View's for the brand you chose and try to win the General Manager of the year award and their is an exhibition mode which lets you play in any various match's like single to tag match's, hardcore to TLC match's and even cage, hell in a cell to the Royal Rumble, so you have a lot of thing's to do alone or with friends. I'll talk a little bit about the creation/customization, so you can basically create your own wrestler so you can have fun with that how ever you want to create your wrestler and you can create your own belts from the heavyweight belt to the tag team belts and you when you create your own wrestler you can also create your entrances from the lights to what you want on jumbo tron and pyro (fireworks). But if you do not like to create your own wrestler and you just want to wrestle as one of your favorite wrestler than you can cause their is a lot of wrestler's to choose from male and Diva's and even some WWE legends are in this game like The Rock, Bret "the hitman" Hart and Hulk Hogan. So basically this game will keep you busy for hour's. Now I'll mention that this game's on-line is dead so if you want to play the on-line you are going to hope that one of your friends have the game or try to talk one of your friends to get it, so once again this game is fun and great but the on-line is dead and I think THQ shut the main sever's down and if you got a food connection you can run your own private and private ranked match's but this still a fun game. This game may be great and fun but this game has it's flaw's and personally the one that pissed me off the most was the physic's and what I'm talking about is the fact that if you are about to give a certain wrestler(The Big Show) a backdrop or even a suplex and I'm just talking about the character (The Big Show) but their are a few other big men in this game where you are trying to do the same thing to, they should not be able to reverse it by doing a back flip type reversal like he's (Ray Mysterio Jr.) which was not so realistic at all, but that was the only problem I had with the gameplay. Oh one last thing for people if your basically a veteran with the Smackdown v.s Raw series then the control's should fine for you but if you are new or someone like me where you do not always play these game's then the control's should take some getting use to.

So the overall point of view for Smackdown v.s Raw 2007 is worth checking out and you should not be to desappointed cause you can pick this game up for about $10 or less and for that price it's worth even for the minor flaw that I mention in the gameplay part of my review, so go check this out cause for this franchise this one was a step in the right direction.

8 out of 10