"One of the most exciting wrestling games ever" a truly awesome 619

User Rating: 10 | WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 X360
Smackdown and raw games have been getting so good its hard to keep up sometimes, they are truly amazing, and this is no exception for 2007, also on many different platforms, with the oldies and the most famous "playa's" to choose from, with a career mode and other facinating options.

along with the best of the best superstars you have "playa's" like Rey Mysterio, Triple X, Bautista and other famous superstars every wrestling fan knows.

Also the graphics are immensily outstanding in their own unique way, with the variations of shading and texture,

there is the all-new feature to jump into the crowd on ANY fight, and pick up the well known weapons of choice, there are the usual types of matches such as,

money in the bank

tag team

hell in a cell


diva comp


overall an amazing game thumbs up