Smackdown returns, but can the glory continue?

User Rating: 8.5 | WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 X360
Now to many people, Smackdown Vs Raw 2006 was a huge success! This game was meant to continue the glory that SVR 2006 started, but the question is does it continue or does it crash? Here is the review for Smackdown Vs Raw 2007!

Modes: 8.7
The game indeed has a lot of modes that won't make you bored, although there were no new match types, but the ladder match was improved to be the Money in the Bank. A lot of peoples favorite matches returned, like... the Hell in a Cell, Cage Match, TLC and many others.

Gameplay: 8.3
The controls changed dramatically, a lot of new changes were made. You now you use the analog stick to grapple, which can be kinda confusing to use at first but if you want to learn and master it, you'll have no problem within around a day or 2.

Graphics: 8.9
The graphics are one of the things that make the game shine, with the new sweat system... (it is a system right?) it makes it more realistic, the wrestlers really shine in the light. Some of the wrestlers hair are amazing real and the wrestlers like really like them in real life, believe me.

Creation: 9.0
This should have been in the modes section, but... lets just put it in here.. Creating a Wrestler for me is very fun and some parts are great, now instead of elbow pads that looks like paint ons, they really do look like really elbow pads... and the move sets, well.. they took some of the moves away, but not moves that are really big.. well for me they aren't. The Create-A-Belt is very fun, you could also now make your belt spin like John Cena's, there is also Create-A-Stable in which you can make teams.

Sound: 8.5
The sounds is great, hearing chair shots to the head and the crowd cheering and in heel's point of view, booing. The season mode does have voice over.

Replay Value: 9.2
The game has a lot of replay value, trust me, playing matches and matches over and over again never get tiring, just learning new ways to beat your enemy is way fun.

Overall: 8.7 or in which case 8.5
The game is really fun, you could play it over and over all day long and you could spend a lot of hours on it. Although I mostly spend time on creating stuff... but playing matches is optional as well.