A really good wrestling game that takes the series to the next level.

User Rating: 7.5 | WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 X360
SmackDown vs RAW 2006 featured a few difficult controls, some last-gen graphics, and a narrow range of console release. But SmackDown vs RAW 2007 is a step up from every one of those things.
This game, released towards the end of 2006, has all new grapple systems, new environmental hotspots (take fighting to the crowd), and a longer, newer lineup of WWE superstars.
Not only that, but SvR07 has been released on a next-gen console, the Xbox 360. Being released on this system manages to add a more "real" feeling to the game, and the superstars are incredibly detailed, and matches feel more like Monday Night RAW or Friday Night SmackDown!
Now, as far as the Playstation 2 goes, the graphics are simply amazing for a PS2, even though the controls are a little difficult to get used to if you've played SvR08 first.
Season mode is unrepetitive, as compared to SvR08. New surprises around every Pay-Per-View, while as SvR08 takes one storyline and repeats it over and over as your completion percent steadily increases to 100%.
The all new match types add more fun to the game, giving you a full WWE experience .
This is a great, probably the best, wrestling game, and I recommend it to any WWE fan.