The game is cool but it is not best in series.

User Rating: 7 | WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 PS2
graphics:9.0 gameplay:8.7 controls:7.1 difficulty:10 overall:8.6 I really liked this game.I liked the graphics,the superstars,the game-play,the controls and the difficulty.This game is not better than last years game Smackdown vs raw 2006.This game has great roster,great legends and great arenas.What it doesn't have good are the caw's.The GM mode and the story mode are pretty good.I bought this game like 3 years ago.The first day I played it I liked it.I also was amazed by the graphics and the gameplay the game has.I liked playing General Manager mode.In story mode I was the undertaker.I made 3 caw's one was named Adam Harrison another one was named Richard Farrow and the last one was named Nicholas Farrow.I made a tag team named the Farrows.Thanks for reading my review for WWE Smack-down! vs. RAW 2007