Truly Captures the feel of wrestling but does nothing else.......

User Rating: 7.5 | WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 PS2
Now I haven't played smackdown vs raw 2006 but whatever it may be, this game is of the hook. From the graphics to the gameplay, this game is truly and instant wwe classic. But on the other hand leaves room for improvement.

Graphics: The wrestler models look incredible here, one word for it – great . But some major minor glitches continuing from previous games still remain and make you laugh. Like undertaker giving khali a chokeslam by grabbing its stomach…..----------- 8/10

Gameplay: This is where the game is off the hook. This game has made use of 13/14 of the playable buttons. Dodging system is also excellent and just like real time wrestling makes you feel like the match is fixed. As I will not bore you with the explanation of buttons, I will say about it in short – The buttons are well selected, do great and are well responsive. All buttons are excellently used and you have to use all buttons.
When you fall you have to madly tap any button to get up, this again when in a submission hold type A, either giving or taking.

Moves: Each wrestler has 20 straight grapple moves for a wrestler from a wide, really wide list of moves. After this, you have the new inclusion of the Ultimate grapple moves. Each wrestler can have 4 of them, and activated by pressing R3 on the while having your opponent in a grapple hold. Do as the hud suggests and you can do everything that a star in wwe does. Do weightlifting by your opponent. Hold them in choke and then cat walk with them on the ring. And by doing this you can even through them out of the ring, even down a cell, and man that's great to watch. After this you have irish whips for your opponent on the ground, on the turnbuckle, you on the turnbuckle………Man the list is enormous.

Special matches: The special matches or main events are well represented. You have all of them except TLC, I Don't know why. Most of them have in game mini-games, like escaping the door cage, buried alive into-the-coffin game………How did they fit all of it into this???

Taunts: You can set 4 taunts per wrestler, and you can even steal your opponents taunt

Finishers: From Austin punch to Last Ride, this list has all the moves you need. You can set 2 per wrestler and can even do your opponents finishing move on him
Environmental grapples are also there and fun to watch

Problems: The gameplay lacks luster. The new edition Ultimate Grapple Moves has a very short list.
But on the whole its great…….…………..9/10

Story mode: The place where this game goes to the bottom. While for some wrestlers you may think that there is an original story, like John Cena, Batista….. All other wrestlers have similar stories…. ,, It also has general manager mode, a mode no fun to play. Also the loading times of this game are troublesome, specialy in the season mode,in which you load for 2 minutes just to press a button, ghastly, ghastly ………………….3/10(omgwtfhappened)

Replayability: Definitely replayable, especially with your friends……..10/10

Overall: 7.5/10
Its good but nothing else. Like everyone is shouting at THQ right now, we need a wrestling game which is fun to play, not one which makes us feel we are watching REAL LIVE WRESTLING